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Buying a house in Estevan and area can be a stressful but exciting experience as there are so many things to consider. And why try to go it alone, why not hire local Estevan Realtor ® Darcy Calder to help you. As a home buyer you do not pay any fees, the home sellers in Estevan and area pay the buyer’s agent’s fees.

“I have extensive experience in buying and selling real estate in Estevan over the past 30 years. I also have a lot of experience in buying and selling houses in Oxbow. Not all real estate agents have experience in both buying and selling real estate. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned one, it is important to find an Estevan Realtor who is experienced with the process”

First Steps to Buying a House in Estevan and Area

The first step to buying a house for sale in Estevan is to find an experienced real estate agent in Estevan. Darcy Calder has a lot of experience helping people buy houses for sale in Estevan. Be sure that you are pre-qualified with your Estevan mortgage broker (if you don’t have a mortgage broker in Estevan Darcy can refer you to one of several Estevan and area mortgage brokers). After meeting with the Estevan mortgage broker or your bank, determine what payments you are comfortable with. The Estevan mortgage broker will consider taxes, utilities, and mortgage payments and help you come up with a comfortable amount to spend. This will give you your maximum price range when looking for a house for sale in Estevan.

The next step is to determine the area of the city (or surrounding communities) you would like to live, style of house you want to buy in Estevan and area, and what your needs/wants are when buying a house for sale in Estevan and area.

Once we meet we will sit down together and preview all available options with houses for sale in Estevan and area. I can also assist you in your purchase of for sale by owner in Estevan as I am able to use history of past sales to negotiate the best price for you. We will go over the current Estevan real estate market to determine the offer price. I will also discuss with you all of the closing costs associated in buying a house in Estevan and area (survey, lawyer, etc)

To schedule appointments with Darcy Calder to discuss the Estevan real estate market and how to buy a house for sale in Estevan, just call or email.

After the Offer is Written

Darcy will assist you to book all inspections necessary on your purchase, prior to removing conditions.

Darcy will stay in touch with your lender to ensure that the condition of financing is met in a timely fashion.

Meet with your bank or mortgage specialist to go over the terms of your Offer to Purchase.

After Conditions Are Removed and the SOLD Sign Is Up

Arrange for home insurance. Darcy can recommend an insurance provider to get you the best coverage on your new home in Estevan and area.

Give notice to your landlord as needed.

Hire a mover.

Call the utility providers to arrange a hook up date/time.

Start making money and building equity in your new home in Estevan!

If you are looking for a Realtor ® in Estevan or surrounding area give me a call or if you just have questions about the Estevan and area real estate market do not hesitate to call or email me.


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