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A Simple Checklist For Relocation Into or Out of Estevan and Area
By Darcy Calder

Moving doesn’t have to be so stressful but whether you are moving within the same neighbourhood in Estevan and area or clear across the country, moving is a daunting task. If you are moving out of Estevan and area, I would be pleased to refer you to a licensed real estate broker in your new area. In addition, it is my hope that the following steps may prove helpful as you prepare to relocate within Estevan and surrounding area or even outside of Saskatchewan. A simple checklist will help ease your mind at a time when the very thought of relocating seems to be so overwhelming. As your licensed Saskatchewan realtor operating in South East Saskatchewan I would like to offer you the following checklist to help you relocate as smoothly as possible. It is my intention to assist you after you buy or sell your Estevan or area house.

8 Weeks Before Moving

Create an excel or document file to track any estimates, receipts and other important information related to your move into or out of Estevan and area.

Check with an accountant or CRRA to determine what expenses can be claimed for moving on next year’s tax return.

Budget for moving expenses into or out of Estevan and area.and check with your employer to see if any of the moving expenses can be covered or rebated to you

7 Weeks Before Moving

Start a medical and dental file for each family member. Inform your Estevan and area family doctor of your impending move and ask for a referral to your new community’s medical personnel.

Research schools in the new city. Once you choose the school, inform the children’s present school and arrange to have the records transferred.

Your insurance agent will need to be notified of your relocation into or out of Estevan and area. He/She will advise you of any changes you need to make to your policies.

Check with any clubs you belong to. You may be able to transfer your membership to your new location.

6 Weeks Before Moving

Videotape and list your valuables. Plan how to safely transport these items.

Notify friends, family and business associates of your new address.

Arrange to sell or dispose of items you do not plan to take with you.

Check with your mover to determine what items cannot be included in the move into or out of Estevan and area.and arrange to use or dispose of them.

5 Weeks Before Moving

Select a moving company or a do-it-yourself company and set a moving

4 Weeks Before Moving

Arrange for a change of address with your postal outlet. Canada Post can advise you of the necessary steps depending on your circumstances when moving into or out of Estevan and area home.

Utility companies in Estevan and area may have different requirements from your destination city. Contact the various companies both at your Estevan and area location and you new location for disconnect and connect arrangements.

Your banking institution in Estevan and area needs to be contacted to transfer or close accounts. Clear out safety deposit boxes. Arrange for cash if needed for the actual relocation trip.

3 Weeks Before Moving

Begin the packing process beginning with any items you won't need before the move into or out of Estevan and area. Hold a garage sale or drop off items designated for a charity.

Deal with items that cannot be moved by giving them away or disposing of them.

2 Weeks Before Moving

Draw out your new floor plan and mark where you want furniture and appliances placed. Make some copies to be used on moving day.

1 Week Before Moving

Complete the packing process keeping medication, toiletries, important documents, cash, etc. in a separate carry on bag. separately.

Drain all gas and oil appliances such as lawn mowers, etc. as required by your moving company.

Prepare all appliances for loading.

Yes you have already confirmed your moving date into or out of Estevan and area with your mover but call a couple of days before the confirmed date to ensure there haven’t been any changes to your schedule.

Moving Out

Now that you are moving out of or into the Estevan area you have only a few things to attended to such as: try to be present when the delivery truck arrives and be sure to keep a friend or family member informed of your plans in case of an emergency or unforeseen event.

Moving In

Check appliances and furnishings to assess and damages sustained during the move. Prepare a list of concerns for your moving company. Use your floor plan copies to assist in the correct placement of the larger items.

Contact Canada Post to confirm you arrival at your new address or pick up any mail being held. Enjoy your new home whether it is in Estevan and area or another part of the country.


Darcy Calder
Carnduff Agencies Inc.
(306) 461-7728