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You have found the home in Estevan and area that best suits your needs in Estevan and area and have concluded your negotiations with the seller and with the financial institution. Now it’s time to discuss the closing costs involved in your real estate purchase in Estevan and area. Darcy Calder will assist you to determine the costs as follows:

  • Darcy Calder will provide you with a list of local lawyers in Estevan and area who provide real estate transaction services
  • Advise you to check with the various lawyers to get quotes on the costs of the transaction they complete such as legal fees, land titles fees, disbursements, your portion of the annual property taxes, GST fees if applicable, etc.
  • Advise you to check with your chosen financial institution on the costs of completing the transaction such as CMHC fees, appraisal fees and any mortgage fees, etc
  • Advise you to get adequate home insurance that will likely be mandated by the mortgage lender 

Darcy Calder will assist you in any way he can to make your first purchase as easy as possible when buy a property in Estevan and area.


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